Software to Meet Unique Business Needs

The multitude of software products sold off the shelf are designed to accommodate basic business needs. They allow a small degree of flexibility in terms of reports, options that fit the most common business procedures, and filters for creating spreadsheets and saving data. Off-the-shelf (OTS) software for businesses is the most cost-effective way to obtain and operate programs. The compromise is that sometimes procedures, reports, or applications do not meet unique needs. In most cases, businesses alter their procedures and operations to suit the software because the software does not suit the business. That works well if the change is minor, such as reorganizing information to fit invoice options, but can be a hindrance if too many changes have to be made. The software can actually slow down how things are done if staff have to manually insert information or copy and paste information from one application to another


There are alternatives that make software more efficient for a specific business. One option is to hire a software development specialist to add original applications to the software programming. Integrating custom applications to existing systems eliminates the need to change operational procedures. It also avoids covering the cost of training employees on a whole new system. It also increases productivity and allows the business to remain competitive within the field or industry. Business owners can go to to set up a free consultation to discuss the needs of the business, the budget for changes and adjustments, and possible solutions.

The other alternative is to have software customized. That process is more involved than a few applications being integrated into the system. Custom Software Development requires the creation of several applications to meet the needs of a unique business. Inventory processing, complicated scheduling, precision manufacturing, or keeping track of a trucking fleet may require the customization of multiple systems. One example is a large call center that needed to efficiently record detailed information from people calling in to meet the demands of the client. The solution, developed by Mintec Software, included a dialing system to streamline the ways calls were taken and customer relationship management (CRM) systems to effectively track customers. A work-flow management system was created for follow up purposes, and a custom billing system designed to fit the requirements dictated by the client. The center could find no combination of OTS software that could accomplish all those tasks. The custom work increases efficiency and allows that center to offer clients a level of service that cannot be matched by competitors.